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How to Cook Appetizing Pops Chicken Wraps

Pops Chicken Wraps. Wrap the chicken lollipops in bacon. Season the chicken meat on all sides with the sweet rub. Wrap each drumstick in a piece of bacon and either tuck the ends of the bacon or secure with a toothpick.

Pops Chicken Wraps In a large bowl, mix chicken, lettuce, tomatoes and cheese. Drizzle with wing sauce; toss to coat. Fold bottom of tortilla over filling; fold both sides to close. You can have Pops Chicken Wraps using 11 ingredients and 8 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Pops Chicken Wraps

  1. It's 1 lb of boneless chicken breast.
  2. Prepare 1 pack of McCormick chicken fajita seasoning.
  3. You need 1 of Green pepper.
  4. You need 1/2-1 of yellow onion.
  5. It's 1 pack of Kraft mexican shredded cheese.
  6. You need 10 pack of flour tortilla wraps.
  7. You need of Ranch dressing.
  8. You need of Sour cream.
  9. Prepare of Cooking oil or olive oil.
  10. Prepare of Skillet pan.
  11. Prepare Sheet of pan (optional).

Serve immediately with salad dressing if desired. Boneless skinless chicken breasts, cut into bite size pieces, cooked and covered in Buffalo sauce, combined with crisp bacon, diced tomato, and ranch dressing, are wrapped in heated flour tortillas. You can increase or decrease the amount of Buffalo sauce to your taste and also add shredded Cheddar cheese to your wraps if desired. My go-to is ground chicken cooked in hoisin sauce, soy sauce, vinegar, garlic, sweet chili sauce and ginger, whisked together into one flavor-packed mixture.

Pops Chicken Wraps step by step

  1. Cut green peppers and onion. Add a little E-V-👀(extra virgin olive oil) to the pan and saute until starting to get tender. Remove from pan. Set aside.
  2. Cut chicken into thin strips. Add to pan with a little more E-V-👀 and cook chicken until done.
  3. Add green peppers and onions to the pan with chicken. Add fajita season and about a half cup of water. Turn on low and let cook for 5 min stirring continuously. Turn down to simmer. (Keep checking and stirring. Add water as needed. You don't want it to stick to the pan).
  4. Heat oven to 350. Take One wrap lay it flat. Add some cheese on the wrap all over especially the edges. Add a little chicken fajita almost to the center of the wrap. Add more cheese and a little ranch dressing across the top..
  5. To fold... Bring the bottom of the wrap just above the meat. Next fold both sides in and begin to fold up making sure that you are tucking as you are rolling up. Once your finished making the wraps, make sure that the wraps end flap is at the bottom..
  6. Oil skillet. Heat oil.. place chicken wraps in pan flap side down and fry until golden brown. Repeat turning until all sides are crispy..
  7. Drain on paper towel. Serve with Sour cream or side of Ranch dressing.
  8. If you want to do more than 2 at a time, Grease a sheet pan and put in oven at 350 cook all sides until crispy..

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